Cave & Secret Lake Tour

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The landscape between Kep and Kampot is dotted with jungled limestone mountains, many of which contain hidden caves and simple Buddhist shrines. On this tour guests will first visit the caves of Phnom Chhnork known for their Pre-Angkorian carvings and a well-preserved 7th century shrine to Shiva.  As you explore the caves, keep an eye out for the various animal carvings and protruding stalagmites and stalactites. About 300 meters from the main cave is an entrance into a deeper section, requiring some climbing and sturdy shoes.

The next stop on the tour is the so-called ‘Secret Lake’, which was established through hard labor under the Khmer Rouge regime.  Originally created as an irrigation dam, the lake is situated in between the mountains and the rice paddies and provides the perfect location for a picnic or a swim.

Note: This excursion can be booked via tuk-tuk but due to the condition of the roads, it is recommended to experience this tour via motorbike.