Countryside Tour

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The countryside surrounding the city of Kep is full of beautiful scenery, traditional Khmer villages, and the seasonal rice paddies which form the heart of rural Cambodia.  Traveling along the coastal roads via tuk-tuk or motorbike, a Knai Bang Chatt guide will lead guests to the village of Chamcar Bei, home to the Hand in Hand Cambodia project that has been supported by Knai Bang Chatt since 2006. Within the village, guests can visit with students at the community school and visit the Women’s Handicraft and Development Association where villagers make traditional loom-woven kramas, coconut jewelry, and Funky Junk products made from recycled plastic.

Each tour includes a visit to a local pepper farm, where the best black, white or red pepper from the region can be found; a visit to the salt fields, and a stop at the vibrant and colorful Keo Krosang Pagoda.