Kep National Park

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Covering 50 square kilometers in the center of Kep Province. Kep National Park is classified as low land tropical forest and consists of three main Phnoms (Khmer for mountains)—Krasaing, KepToch, and Kep Thom.  Offering beautiful views of the nearby sea and surrounding countryside, the park is a great place to go for a hike and enjoy this natural and currently undeveloped oasis.

An 8km route circles the park and is a moderate hike along the main path.  Those looking for a more challenging workout can take the transverse path or check out the various trails to sites such as Nun’s Pass, Stone Horse, and Little Buddha.  For one of the best sunset viewpoints in town, make the 182 meter climb to Sunset Rock and watch the setting sun as it lights up the sky before disappearing beneath the horizon.  Just don’t forget to take your camera and a flashlight (torch) for the way back.