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Often overlooked in favor of its neighbors more popular Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, Cambodian food has recently garnered praise from chefs around the world for its use of fresh spices and unique blend of contrasting flavors and textures.  Some of the favorite dishes include Fish Amok, Banana Blossom Salad, and Mango Salad.

During our Private Cooking Experiences, guests get a better understanding of the traditional cooking techniques. With a visit to the Crab Market, they learn to identify local ingredients and understand the importance of seasonality in Khmer cooking (many ingredients are only available during certain months of the year).

Whether guests choose our introductory 2-hour course or the more complete half-day cooking experience, our Chefs will guide participants though the various methods of Khmer food preparation.  Everything is made from scratch, with only the freshest ingredients, and can be tasted and enjoyed at the end of the cooking session.

Note: all sessions are conducted in English and take place within the landscaped gardens of the resort.  Guests receive a recipe card to take with them for each dish that they make.

Introduction to Khmer Cooking

Participants are taught to identify local ingredients and learn the basic Khmer cooking techniques as they prepare and enjoy 1-2 of our favorite recipes.

Time: 2 hours

Half-Day Cooking Experience

Our half-day cooking course starts with a visit to the famous Crab Market where our chefs will introduce and explain the various spices and local produce on offer. Once back at the resort, participants will prepare and enjoy 3-4 traditional Cambodian dishes.

Time: 4 hours