Community Development

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The owners of Knai Bang Chatt realized during their first visit to Cambodia that many neighboring and impoverished communities were in need of improved health, clean water, more livelihoods opportunities, and better education for their children. After raising money from friends and colleagues, the Hand in Hand Cambodia Project was started and began working in collaboration with local non-profit organization Bridges Across Borders Cambodia and Belgian foundation Friends of the Rainbow Schools to implement a holistic approach to community development.

Over the six years from 2006 – 2012, the Hand in Hand program invested nearly USD $1 million dollars to improve the education, health, and livelihoods opportunities for over 600 families in the neighboring village of Chamcar Bei, just 17 kilometers from Kep.  Sponsored by private donations and 3% of Knai Bang Chatt’s rental income, the Hand in Hand program has made many positive impacts to improve the lives of more than 3,000 community members.

Currently, in partnership with the Belgium Rotary Club, Knai Bang Chatt continues to support the community with a focus on higher education and providing university scholarships. Guests may encounter trainees wearing the Hand in Hand project logo on their t-shirts. These trainees, who are young members of the Chamcar Bei community, are given the experience and skills needed to work in Cambodia’s growing tourism industry.

Note: The Cambodian Countryside Tour includes a stop in Chamcar Bei, where guests can visit with students at Our School or with the Women’s Handicraft and Development Association (WHADA) located within the grounds of the vocational training center. Find details on the Cambodian Countryside Tour here.

Watch a 2-minute video about our Hand in Hand project on youtube.