Knai Bang Chatt is a dream hideaway, an oasis of peace. | Knai Bang Chatt est un refuge de rêve, une oasis de paix

It's another world through the gates of Knai Bang Chatt. This is understated, not opulent, luxury.

The hotel is a design lovers dream: Simple, understated and high on aesthetic impact.

Barefoot luxury coastal Cambodia

Published on September 18, 2018

During French rule, Kep was Cambodia’s premier seaside destination, widely known as “the St. Tropez of South-East Asia.” Here at Knai Bang Chatt, we have worked with French architect Francoise Lavielle to restore and remodel these stunning colonial villas. They are now the centrepiece of an impeccably designed coastal resort which features plush rooms, an infinity pool overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, world-class cuisine, and much more. We treat our guests to a combination of privacy and personalized service, and enable them to discover the splendours of Cambodia and its wonderful people. We achieve all this while being the most environmentally aware and socially conscious hotel in all of Cambodia.



Knai Bang Chatt is the embodiment of an idea: that travel can be an art form. We believe that the majority of so-called travel is actually tourism: predictable, mass-produced, and ignorant of the world around it. At Knai, we create the opportunity to travel in luxury without any guilt; to feel rejuvenated while still inspiring the senses; to enjoy the finest things in life without damaging nature. Above all, we create a space where travel can be a mind-opening experience that helps you learn and grow. We invest in our community and local ecology in a spirit of compassion, so that travel becomes about giving and expanding, not about taking and stagnating.

Rooms Authentic and Real

All our rooms are hand-crafted down to the tiniest detail. They offer privacy, shelter, and supreme comfort. At Knai Bang Chatt, we want to offer you a home away from home, and we do everything we can throughout your stay to make this a reality.


Cultured Dining

Knai Bang Chatt features three unique dining venues offering a mix of the locally- and globally-inspired cuisine. Our kitchen team is trained to the highest standards, and we aim to source 60% of our fruit and vegetables from our on-site organic garden. The Kep coast is famous for its seafood, and we source all of ours from local fishermen.


Unique Experiences

From National Park excursions and fishing trips to sailing and paddleboarding; from yoga and massage to cooking and cocktail classes – at Knai Bang Chatt, we offer a variety of ways to fill your days with unique and nourishing experiences.

Sustainable Impact

Here at Knai Bang Chatt, we regard supporting and nurturing our communities, our people, and our planet as more than a social responsibility. We regard this as integral to our company’s purpose. We go to great lengths to do everything we can for the people of Kep, and the natural environment they call home.