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Where Luxury Meets Sustainability  

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Luxury and Intimacy in Coastal Cambodia

During French rule, Kep was Cambodia’s premier seaside destination, widely known as “the St. Tropez of South-East Asia.” Here at Knai Bang Chatt, we have worked with French architect Francoise Lavielle to restore and remodel these stunning colonial villas.


They are now the centrepiece of an impeccably designed coastal resort which features plush rooms, an infinity pool overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, world-class cuisine, and much more. We treat our guests to a combination of privacy and personalized service, and enable them to discover the splendours' of Cambodia and its wonderful people. We achieve all this while being the most environmentally aware and socially conscious hotel in all of Cambodia.

The Strand Restaurant at Knai Bang Chatt

Why We Exist

Knai Bang Chatt is the personification of the notion that traveling can be an artistic endeavor. We think that most so-called travel is essentially tourism, which is predictable, mass-produced, and unaware of its surroundings.


At Knai, we provide the chance to travel in luxury guilt-free, to feel refreshed while still exciting the senses, and to savour the finer things in life without destroying the environment. Above all, an environment where traveling can be a thought-provoking experience that advances personal development.


We make compassionate investments in our local ecology and society so that traveling becomes about sharing and growing rather than consuming and staying the same.

Authentic Private Rooms

All our rooms are hand-crafted down to the tiniest detail. They offer privacy, shelter, and supreme comfort. At Knai Bang Chatt, we want to offer you a luxurious home away from home, and we do everything we can throughout your stay at Kep West to make this a reality.

Knai Superrior Double Bedroom
Cultured Dining
Knai - The Strand Dining Area

Cultured Dining

Knai Bang Chatt at Kep West features three unique dining venues offering a mix of the locally- and globally-inspired cuisine. Our kitchen team is trained to the highest standards, and we aim to source 60% of our fruit and vegetables from our on-site organic garden.

The Strand

The Strand

Featuring, in Knai Bang Chatt, The Strand - our signature restaurant. The Strand offers buffet-breakfast as well as lunch and dinner, available to outside guests. The Strand is one-of-many restaurants at Kep West. Why not explore more and discover our other restaurants?

Fruit Salad at The Strand
Our Rooms
Garden View Room at Knai

Our Rooms Gallery

Discover our authentic, luxurious and private accommodations that make you feel like home, away from home. 

Classic & Superior Double

At 25-45 sqm, our Garden Double Rooms are spacious and set in the lush tropical gardens of our seaside property. Our nine unique Garden View double rooms offer a quiet and peaceful space. All Garden view rooms feature unique amenities including a minibar, and some rooms offer a private terrace and outdoor seating.

Classic Double Bedroom At Knai bang Chatt
Twin Room at Knai Bang Chatt

Twin Rooms

At 20-38 sqm, there are two twin rooms on the property, located on the first floor of our Villas. Each room features a cosy twin bed with access to a shared outdoor terrace looking onto the garden. Our two twin rooms pair well with our double rooms; ideal for parties or families.

Single Room

We have one single room at 25-38 sqm, located on the first floor of the iconic Blue Villa. This cosy garden view room features a unique branching bathroom design.

Single Bedroom Knai Bang Chatt
Knai Bang Chatt Suite

Our Suite

At 80 sqm, our unique open plan suite encompasses the entire second floor of the Brown Villa. Accessed through a spiral staircase, the suite contains a large sleeping area, a separate lounge area with chic and comfortable seating, a large Jacuzzi style bathtub with private terrace with spectacular ocean views.

Sustainable Impact

Sustainable Impact

Here at Knai Bang Chatt, we regard supporting and nurturing our communities, our people, and our planet as more than a social responsibility. We regard this as integral to our company’s purpose. We go to great lengths to do everything we can for the people of Kep, and the natural environment they call home.

Our People - Sustainable Impact
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The Wave at Kep West

Experience with Us

As part of Knai Bang Chatt’s growth, we are now a luxury resort in Kep that is part of Kep West. Experience the best of what Kep West has to offer - beautiful beaches, exciting attractions, and relaxing activities. Unwind and rejuvenate on your next vacation with us!

Our Brands
The Wave at Kep West


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Phum Thmey, Sangkat Prey Thom, Kep City, Kep Province Kingdom of Cambodia.

Knai Bang Chatt Resort
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