A Day on Rabbit Island

Published on January 12, 2016

I recently joined Knai Bang Chatt as the new General Manager and when connecting with our guests that had done our Day on Rabbit Island trip time after time I would hear about how much they had enjoyed their day. It was time for me to experience this for myself and to see what all the fuss was about.

Wow is probably the best word to describe my experience. From the moment you leave the resort the adventure begins, we traveled to Kep port in a tuk tuk which a great form of local transport to board our private fishing boat across the sea to Rabbit Island. As you depart Kep you realise how idyllic and beautiful this sleepy little seaside town really is with its back drop of green lush mountains and National park.

Once on the Island we were taken to our special spot on the beach where our little beach retreat was set up, nice sundecks to relax on, clear and clean waters to have a dip in and I immediately felt like I was in for a relaxing day. The personal service staff served drinks and our personal chef prepared lunch. Lunch was served under a stunning mangrove tree and what a lunch this was, I watched as our  chef placed the large selection of fresh seafood on the BBQ and I had to ask the question, who else is joining us ? There was no one else joining us, the lunch was more than a generous serving of fish, squid, prawns and crabs with prosecco and beer to accompany. Then it was back to the sundecks and back in the sea and back to relaxing on the beach.

I returned to Kep sun kissed and rejuvenated, I now know why our guests love this day trip. The Day on an Island trip is also available to outside guests and represents incredible value for money at only 65 USD p.p that includes absolutely everything. Contact reservations@knaibangchatt.com to book your day on Rabbit Island.