art that matters

Published on June 9, 2017

The Lounge @ The Sailing Club is delighted to reveal the latest piece of work by our resident local artist Mr. Sothea Thang. Entitled Sea Grass this is a very poignant and relative piece of work from this talented local artist. Inspired by the need to protect the coastal regions environment which is vulnerable and under threat from polluting and over fishing, Sea Grass is a reminder of the importance and need for proper waste management and to recycle and reuse to protect the natural beauty and eco system of our fragile waters.

This is Sothea’s second installation at The Lounge following on from his first piece entitled Under the water another piece intended to highlight the need to protect and preserve our region it’s culture and the livelihood of so many people.  “Fish are a symbol of freedom, prosperity and good luck to the local Khmer people” Mr. Sothea Thang said.

Knai Bang Chatt CEO and founder Mr. Jef Moons said “It gives me such pride to commission such a talented young local artist for both these works that represent our commitment to sustainability for coastal Cambodia”.

Mr. Sothea Thang studied architecture at Norton University Phnom Penh where he later went on to find his true passion as an artist. Initially expressing his himself as a painter he then went onto to sculpture and installations which he felt was the perfect marriage of his studies in architecture and his vocation as an artist. After exhibitions at home at the French Institute and Meta House, Sothea has also had solo exhibition abroad in both Paris and Bangkok. “I was so excited and happy when asked by Knai Bang Chatt to work on these pieces, the message is very important and I hope that this helps people understand more about our oceans” Sothea said.

Sea Grass and Under the water can be viewed at The Lounge @ The Sailing Club open from 4.00pm until late.