Bringing Sailing to the Youth of Cambodia

Published on November 6, 2017

One of the key aims and objectives of the Kep Sailing Club is to introduce the sport of Sailing to the youth of Cambodia. Sport along with the arts is just awakening to a bright new future and the Kep Sailing Club is paving the way for the beautiful, exciting and eco-friendly sport of Sailing to be a popular sport with the youth of Cambodia. We are incredibly proud to introduce our first two young Khmer Sailors. The youngest is Mr. Sen Piseth who is 16 years old and is from the nearby village of Chamcar Bei. Currently a student at Our School and has aspirations of being an English teacher and Sailing instructor. He enjoys sailing because it’s a fun sport. Our second young sailor is Mr. Thorn Thim aged 25 years and teaches English and computer studies at Our School. He was born in Kampot province but now lives in Chamcar Bei. He also thinks sailing is fun but he really likes the racing aspect of the sport and hopes to represent Cambodia in International competitions in the future.

Both Mr. Sen Piseth and Mr. Thorn Thim spend Sunday’s at the Kep Sailing Club learning not only how to sail but also how to maintain the boats. They will soon start to learn how to be sailing instructors which is something they are both incredibly excited about. They are also very excited about the Sunday regatta’s now happening at the Kep Sailing Club. At first they will be racing against each other and other staff members but as these regatta’s grow in popularity they will be racing against Sailing Club members and the public.

“Our School” in the village of Chamcar Bei which is located 17 km from the Kep Sailing Club was part of the “Hand in Hand” project that was established by Knai Bang Chatt in conjunction Friends of the Rainbow. We hope that Mr. Sen Piseth and Mr. Thorn Thim’s enthusiasm for sailing will inspire other young members of the Chamcar Bei community and the region to join them at the Kep Sailing Club and become dedicated lovers of the sport.

The Kep Sailing Club is located at The Discover Centre of Knai Bang Chatt. Sunday regattas are held weekly depending on weather and sailing conditions and start at 2.00pm. For more information contact Jeroen or on 078 333 685