Education for the Future

Published on June 19, 2018

Making a difference – Through education & training

At Knai Bang Chatt we also measure our success on the impact we make to all our stakeholders and this includes our local community and the students of “Our School”.

Knai Bang Chatt recently undertook a fundraising effort to raise money for 15 much needed new computers for “Our School”. The resort matched every donation dollar for dollar until we reached the target of 5000 USD.

Recently Knai Bang Chatt was delighted to visit “Our School” and its fully upgraded computer lab where daily afternoon and evening IT classes are held. We would like to thank those who participated in this drive for funds to secure these educational tools.

At Knai Bang Chatt we believe that education, training and development are key to sustainable growth and are the foundations to lifting rural communities out of poverty. We remain committed to continuing to provide and facilitate initiatives that provide exceptional opportunities for the students of “Our School” and the community of Chamkar Bei.

Through the “Hand in Hand” program where Knai Bang Chatt offers university scholarship programs, we have now also embarked on some extra training initiatives with “Our School” and this in the areas of tour guiding, organic gardening, cooking and even sailing.

At Knai Bang Chatt, we believe that the open sharing of knowledge and skills and to supporting higher education to underprivileged students will improve standards of living for the communities involved.

More information:

About ‘Our School’

“Our School” is an independent and community-based school located on the remote village of Chamcar Bei,17 km from Kep.

“Our School” was one of the many success stories of our “Hand in Hand” project where Knai Bang Chatt and is partners worked 6 year long at the grass-root level “Changing community by community” and where they made positive impact on the lives of 550 families.