Cooking Classes

All of our private cooking classes are easy to add on once you have secured your stay, or contact our executive chef to secure your private class.

Two-Hour Cooking Class
2 Hours | from $40++

Half-Day Cooking Experience
4 Hours | $65/pp++


Cambodian cuisine is often overshadowed by the cuisine of its neighbors, Thailand and Vietnam. However, it is slowly rising to global prominence, as people discover its unique blends of spice, flavour and texture. We offer guests the chance to understand traditional cooking techniques and understand the deep history of Khmer cooking. Our courses are led by our experienced chefs.

~ Two-Hour Cooking Class

Jump right into the kitchen with our Khmer Chef and begin cooking three authentic Khmer dishes. You will be involved in the preparation and cooking of all dishes as you learn about the history of Khmer Cuisine. Enjoy the food you have prepared while taking in a beautiful view of the Gulf of Siam.

~ Half-Day Cooking Experience

Start your day on a guided tour through Kep’s famous Crab Market with our Khmer Chef. Hand pick your seafood and ingredients then move on to Kep Market for fruits and vegetables and other assorted culinary treats. Travel back to the resort to begin cooking three authentic Khmer dishes with the Chef. Peel, chop, slice and dice your afternoon as you learn about Cambodian cuisine. As each dish is completed, sit and enjoy the fruits of your labor while overlooking the beautiful Gulf view.