Discoveries by Land and Sea

All of our experiences are easy to add on once you have secured your stay, or contact our excursion manager to reserve your spot.

Discoveries on Land


Kep Discovery
From $50.00 USD
Minimum 2 | Maximum 8

Countryside Adventure
5 Hours | from $65.00 USD
Minimum 2 | Maximum 8

Hidden Treasures
4 Hours | from $65.00 USD
Minimum 2 | Maximum 8

Kampot Pepper Experience
3 Hours | from $55.00 USD
Minimum 2 | Maximum 8

Bokor and Kampot Revealed
6 Hours | from $130.00 USD
$220 USD per car for 2 | Additional $45 per person above 2
Minimum 2 | Maximum 8

Discoveries at Sea


Tropical Island Hideaway
4 to 6 Hours | from $85.00 USD
Minimum 2 | Maximum 40

Fisherman for a Day
5 Hours |from $80.00 USD
Minimum 2 | Maximum 8

Island Hopping
5 Hours | from $95.00 USD
Minimum 2 | Maximum 6

Coastal Exploration
3 Hours | from $55.00 USD
Minimum 2 in one two-person kayak | Maximum 9 guests+1 guide in 5 x two person kayaks

Join-in Sunset Cruise
90 Minutes | from $35.00 USD
Minimum 2 | Maximum 8

Private Experiences


Private Sunset Cruise
90 Minutes | From $100.00 USD
1-8 Persons

Private Moonlight Cruise*
From $100.00 USD
1-4 Persons

*Moonlight Cruises are only done on days prior, during and after full moon. For a list of dates please contact Reception or the Discovery Centre.

Daytime Boat Hire
$70.00 USD per hour | (7am – 3pm only)
1-4 Persons

Guided Kep National Park walk
2 Hours | from $25.00 USD


*Prices are inclusive of 10% VAT, Excluded of 7.5% Service charge and 2.5% Eco fee


~ Tropical Island Hideaway: A Day on Rabbit Island.

Within easy reach of Knai Bang Chatt, some truly beautiful and tranquil islands are waiting to be explored. Rustic shores and sandy beaches with snorkeling, sunbathing and exclusive BBQ Seafood banquet on the beach are the highlights of your visit. With its blend of local charm and tranquil beaches, Rabbit Island is an ideal choice for the person who seeks a little bit of everything.

~ Island Hopping

Enjoy discovering the lesser known islands around Kep, home to some of Cambodia’s best kept secret locations. Explore uninhabited islands and observe daily life in local fishing communities dotted along the islands. Stop at a deserted beach for a snorkel around the island and explore the fragile marine eco-system around the island. After a well-deserved rest and a snack, indulge in some tasty sparkling wine, before continuing on your island hopping discovery, and returning to the mainland early afternoon.

~ Coastal Exploration

Hop on a paddleboard or kayak and paddle along the coast with your guide. Observe Kingfishers, Egrets and fishermen vying for the best catch while we paddle slowly along the mangrove shores of Kep’s coast. If you like to combine exercise with fun and adventure then you’re in for a great trip.

~ Private Sunset Cruise.

Enjoy a stunning Kep sunset on the private and exclusive sunset cruise on-board our refurbished local fishing boat, a perfect romantic experience or great way to relax with family and friends. You will be served Champagne and fine wines along with exclusive canapes.

~ Countryside Adventure

Discover lush rural landscapes as you ride a ‘moto’ (motorized scooter) or Tuk Tuk through stunning scenery and immerse yourself in the rhythm of Cambodia’s countryside. There are no normal “tourist” sights along this route, but we can make plenty of stops whenever we see farmers working in the fields or at scenic places and enjoy a rest, a photo and maybe a short chat with a local over a drink. If you’re able to ride a motorbike and have an appreciation for the smaller things in life, then this trip is for you.

~ Guided Kep National Park Walk

This delightful low impact walk is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Your guide will point out significant landmarks that you can only see from the Kep National Park. Get up close and personal to some of the wildlife in the park.

~ Hidden Treasures

The landscape between Kep and Kampot is dotted with lush jungle limestone mountains, many of which contain hidden caves and charming Buddhist Shrines. Among these mountains lies a man-made lake which was built by hand during the Khmer Rouge regime. As this lake was well hidden from view, and away from the main roads, it is referred to as the ‘Secret Lake’. The lake’s bird life and natural beauty and the picturesque rural surrounds contrast sharply with its dark origins. This is an ideal trip for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and also enjoy learning about ancient and recent local history.

Kampot Pepper Experience

Pepper production is currently re-surging as top chefs around the world have rediscovered the uniqueness of Kampot Pepper. As one of the main agricultural products this region has to offer, a visit to a pepper farm is high on many people’s lists.

~ Bokor and Kampot Revealed

Catch a glimpse of the glory days of the French colonial period in Cambodia. This tour will take you up to the summit of mystical Bokor Mountain, where you can discover abandoned but hauntingly beautiful old buildings from a glorious distant past. The buildings may look dilapidated but the magnificent views and sense of awe are still there. A short walk in historical Kampot town followed by a private river cruise will round off this trip nicely.

~ Fisherman for a Day

This trip provides a great opportunity to enjoy fishing in one of Cambodia’s most beautiful scenery, and is a wonderful way to spend the morning, while gaining an insight into marine conservation. Find out first-hand what it takes to be a traditional fisherman in Cambodia and try for yourself all sorts of local fishing methods. A brief visit to our future new Marine Preservation Project on Koh Karang island for a snack and some swimming will nicely break up this trip.