Green Seventeen – the journey continues

Published on January 19, 2017

In 2016 Knai Bang Chatt obtained a significant achievement by becoming the first Hotel / Resort in Cambodia to be internationally certified sustainable through the Green Growth 2050 label. It was a major milestone that marked our long term commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism.

We have since taken further steps as our journey to sustainability continues.

We are committed to drastically reduce the amount of plastic used at Knai Bang Chatt and especially the use of plastic water bottles. Plastic water bottles present a huge environmental problem for Cambodia due to the amount used by tourists, most of these plastic products end up in our rivers or oceans or as landfill. At Knai Bang Chatt your complimentary in room drinking water now comes in refillable and reusable glass bottles. We have done our utmost to ensure a safe and hygienic bottling process and procedure. Our bottles are first washed at high temperatures and are then placed in a glass sterilizing unit, from there they refilled with pure drinking water by staff who are required to wear hair nets, face masks and gloves. The bottles are then sealed to indicate that they have not yet been opened since going through the bottling process.


We are also delighted to introduce to our Sailing Club and Lounge our up-cycled water glasses. These are made on our premises from used wine and spirit bottles. These glasses are also used in our staff living quarters. They are uber cool and funky and you can even buy these from us to take home or join us and participate in our fun glass making activity classes.


We have welcomed Mr. Jorge Rico, to our team in the role of Sustainability Manager and along with our visiting Sustainability intern Ms. Elena Gogna has been quite busy fine tuning our waste management systems and transforming our Recycling Centre into a working Sustainability Resource Centre.  Our plans for the next few weeks and months include expanding our organic vegetable garden, increasing our composting capability and transforming our existing hydroponics setup into a fully-fledged Aquaponics system.  Eventually, we would like to be able to share our knowledge and experience with interested members of the community who may want to run similar initiatives in their local community.

We are now also offering a Knai Bang Chatt green tour where we are delighted to take our guests on a unique tour of the resort where we share and show guests all of our sustainable initiatives and projects.

We look forward to sharing further updates with you as our sustainable journey continues in 2017.