Knai Bang Chatt rises to PLATINUM ‘Green Growth’ certification

Published on March 7, 2019

Platinum Certification for Kep province’s Knai Bang Chatt Hotel as a continued benchmark for sustainability in Cambodia’s rising tourism industry

PHNOM PENH, March 7 – Green Growth 2050, a GSTC ( Global Sustainable Tourism council) recognised standard this week completed their third annual audit which resulted in Knai Bang Chatt rising to the highest level attainable under the standard, with an overall compliance level in excess of 91%, Knai Bang Chatt are now certified Platinum. The previous certifications in previous years had attained Gold level status.

The independent audit conducted by an Australian expert and co-founder of Green Growth 2050 covered more than 430 CSR and sustainability indicators, ranging from Health and Safety and Human Rights to Environmental Stewardship and Social and Community Development.

The most recent audit identified that Knai Bang Chatt has developed and grown immensely in sustainability indicators and standards especially in the areas of sustainable operations and best practice, sustainability management, pollution reduction and protection of bio-diversity. This result also cements the resorts commitment across all elements of sustainability and is clear evidence they are pioneers and leaders of sustainable practices for all industries within the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Wayne McKinnon, CEO Green Growth 2050 stated “Knai Bang Chatt understands and embraces the concepts of sustainability better than any hotel we have encountered. It is embedded in everything they do, but most importantly, enhances the guest experience. This commitment is reflected in their recent PLATINUM Certification to the Green Growth 2050 standard; one of only three hotels worldwide to reach this level of achievement”

Jef Moons, founder and CEO of Knai Bang Chatt said “Having received “Platinum” is an extreme honour and only reflects the hard work of a great team. Traveling with Knai Bang Chatt is a wonderful journey but can also be described as “Guilt Free Travel”.

Knai Bang Chatt’s first certification include significantly reducing the consumption of plastic packaging, by sterilising and bottling drinking water in reusable glass bottles, using bio-degradable plastic bags for waste management and eliminating the use of plastic straws by providing bio-degradable straw alternatives. Today the resort also boasts its own bio diverse organic gardens that currently provide the resort with over 25% of their fresh fruit and vegetable produce and this is set to rise to 60%. Achieving a carefully crafted synergy in our sustainability program has allowed Knai Bang Chatt to form a closed loop energy circuit in the resort and mutli-functionality within and between various elements of their operations. 63% of their waste is organic materials that are composted onsite. Through taking responsibility for things like waste management and food production instead of outsourcing, they know that these are conducted ethically, and that the lingering impacts are positive rather than negative. This is a game-changer, especially for this context.

John Black, general manager of the luxury boutique hotel, explained that “We are so proud to empower and educate our staff to embrace a strong commitment to our environment, local community and culture, this is the future of their nation, this is what making a difference is all about ” Mr. Black said.

Knai Bang Chatt’s Sustainability Manager, Ehren Garner added “the achievements we have made in the sustainability sphere are monumental however they are not rocket science. These could and should be standard practice. Knai Bang Chatt is a reflection of the change it would like to see and we hope that we can share our models to help other businesses develop greener practices. Platinum is a great reward for our hard work but it does not mean that our efforts will lose vigour. Our sustainability department will continue to grow and flourish, developing more appropriate and innovative solutions to the challenge of having a positive footprint”

Cambodia’s Best Kept Secret

Knai Bang Chatt is a boutique barefoot luxury resort located in Kep province, on Cambodia’s southern coastline that is swiftly gaining a reputation for barefoot luxury as it rejuvenates guests as well as local communities.

In the 1960s the area was known as Cambodia’s Riviera, where royalty and stars mingled in private villas overlooking the Gulf of Thailand against a backdrop of lush, forested mountains. In 2003, Knai Bang Chatt became the first luxury resort to reopen in the province, with the goal of reviving its culture and economy. The resort has since invested more than $1 million in village-based development projects in the province and now employs more than 85 staff, including those who work at its adjacent Sailing Club.

Knai Bang Chatt consists of four renovated villas built in the 1970s by protégés of the father of New Khmer Architecture, Vann Molyvann, a student of the world famous architect Le Corbusier. The villas are astonishing historical landmarks that guests can now experience as private residences and suites.

For more information please visit and join us on Facebook at For media enquiries please contact Knai Bang Chatt General Manager John Black. Email: telephone: +85578888552

About Green Growth 2050

This global certification program is fast becoming the leading standard for Travel and Tourism by linking sustainable tourism and corporate social responsibility to achieve and adhere to Green Growth. It was developed in Australia by VisionCSR and is a GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) recognized standard. What makes it distinct is the more than 430 indicators used to measure compliance and tailored software that allows businesses to track progress and identify shortcomings on each of these indicators. Annual audits are conducted to gauge compliance with the indicators, which cover:

Sustainability Management
Legal Compliance
Labor Practices
Health & Safety
Human Rights
Sustainability Design & Construction of Buildings & Infrastructure
Sustainable Operations – Best Practice
Bribery & Corruption
Energy, Water, Waste & CO2-e
Environmental Stewardship – Conserving Resources
Environmental Stewardship – Reducing Pollution
Environmental Stewardship – Conserving Biodiversity
Social & Community Development
The Green Growth 2050 standard also includes indicators related to a range of international conventions including the UN Global Compact, the UNEP Green Economy Principles, UN Declaration of Human Rights, The Code against the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Industry Criteria.

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