Media Release – Knai Bang Chatt first internationally certified sustainable resort in Cambodia

Published on July 28, 2016

GG2050 Gold Certificate KBC Signed

We are delighted to announce that Knai Bang Chatt is officially the first Cambodia hotel / resort to receive Green Growth 2050 certification.

Knai Bang Chatt is enrolled in the comprehensive Green Growth 2050 Global Standard certification program. The standard consists of 37 criteria and more than 400 indicators on all aspects of sustainability and social responsibility. We started this process 5 months ago by implementing a Green Team and we first embarked on some basics including a comprehensive recycling program, organic vegetable garden and energy saving measures such as LED lighting and installation of solar panels which generate 30% of all our electricity consumption.

The process culminated this week when we received Gold Certification in the Green Growth 2050 travel and tourism sustainability program.

Knai Bang Chatt CEO and owner , Mr. Jef Moons describes this achievement as ” an exceptional team effort, we are committed to further investing in enviromental, human, social and financial capital”

Knai Bang Chatt General Manager, Mr. John Black commented “this is just the beginning of change for our industry in Cambodia and we hope to inspire other hotels and resorts to also enroll in programs like Green Growth 2050”

This was a tremendous team effort made possible by our resident industrial engineer in bio chemistry intern from Belgium, Mr. Thomas Van Oevelen, who said “the biggest challenge has been breaking down the cultural barriers and introducing new concepts and new ways of thinking about sustainability”

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