Our GM talks Productivity

Published on May 29, 2016

I had just started my new job and was in a new role. I found myself overwhelmed with new technology, information deluge, an impossible list of tasks and projects that just grew with demands and deadlines coming at me from every angle. I was drowning in email, I was busy and I was in chaos. I was happy and motivated and I was determined to find a better way to operate so I could be more productive, achieve more and have a sense of satisfaction and completion. I found a self-development book titled How to be a Productivity Ninja. The book that would change my life at work for good.

The intellectual technology of this program was straight forward, simple, basic and easy to understand and implement. Whilst there are still some areas of my productivity ninja skills that I need to refine and redefine I am now working more effectively than ever before, I am achieving more yet working less , I am not stressed and I do not feel like I am drowning. My overall productivity is at a level I had always attained to but had been thwarted by disruptions and noise.  I am happy, motivated and I love what I do. I finish my day with a sense of achievement and completion and  my head space is clear and freed up to enjoy my life knowing that all is in order before I return to work the next day. Each time I close my laptop down or leave the office even for lunch my inbox is at zero and it has been this way for months now.

Throughout the book the author references actual workshops that they conduct worldwide. I was so inspired I wanted to participate in one of these workshops the next time I was going to visit Australia, so I contacted the Australian branch of the organization. In a state of productivity and creativity I had a thought, why not bring the workshop to me, why not develop a productivity and wellness retreat in the best environment possible, Knai Bang Chatt.

It’s happening and at Knai Bang Chatt we will have Matt Cowdroy from Think Productive Australia and Sally Boore from Consciously Well Australia conduct a two day, three night Productivity & Wellness retreat commencing on 16th August 2016.

For further details and a copy of the retreat brochure and program please email gm@knaibangchatt.com