our school needs our help

Published on April 30, 2018


“Our School” in the village of Chamcar Bei which is located 17 km from the Kep Sailing Club was part of the “Hand in Hand” project that was established by Knai Bang Chatt in conjunction Friends of the Rainbow.

Make impact together.

Our School” needs “Our Help“.

  • Invest with us in 150,000hrs of IT knowledge sharing.

15 new computers with a total budget of $4,984          

  • 15 computers with a lifetime of 5 years
  • Computer courses 250 days each year – 4hrs/day
  • Each computer is shared by 2 students

Knai Bang Chatt will match a dollar for dollar until we reach the target.

We are looking for $2000 extra support.

Info: Moonsjef.jl@gmail.com

(Online payment options available)