Our unsung heroes

Published on February 8, 2016

housekeeping staff image.jpg 1

Don’t you just love checking into a hotel and walking into a well made room that gives you the feeling it was prepared especially for you or better still returning to your room to find that it has not only been cleaned but everything has been put back in it’s place and all order restored as if magic has just happened. At Knai Bang Chatt it is magic, magic performed by the unsung heroes of our housekeeping team.

Everyday this team clean, refresh and tidy rooms with love, you can feel the love that they have put into their work the minute you open the door. If you are lucky enough to catch them doing their thing you are greeted with a warm and beautiful smile.

Our team is headed up our Housekeeping Manager Mr. Samnang ( top far right) who is also our longest serving housekeeping team member who joined our resort as housekeeping supervisor in July 2013. Our newest team member Ms. Kimyi ( bottom far left) joined the team in October of last year. I asked Ms. Kimyi what it is most she enjoys about working at Knai Bang Chatt and she said that she loved the beautiful views of the sea and her colleagues at work who have become like family to her.

When you stay at Knai Bang Chatt you will be visited twice daily by our housekeeping angels, the second visit to ensure that your room is turned down and prepared to give you the best nights rest, they will also leave you a special little sweet treat from the Chef that changes daily.

(Bottom); Ms. Kimyi. Ms. Vanna, Ms. Kimsreang (Centre); Mr. Saly, Mr. Pheng

(Top); Mr. Borat, Mr. Seyla, Mr. Samnang