Message from our Founder

I first visited Cambodia in 2003. The country, and Khmer culture, stole my heart. I traded a materialistic and self-centred corporate life for one focussed on creation, community, and positive impact. Since 2003, I have been working passionately to create an oasis of calm and inspiration on this magical stretch of the Kep coastline.

At Knai Bang Chatt, we are always striving to do better. We constantly reinvent our resort and our offerings with a focus on purity, care and respect for the people of Kep. We offer our superior services by focusing on simplicity, understated elegance, and the inherent beauty of natural objects. We aim to inspire you with the history of our resort: both its timeless architecture, and its astonishing views of the ancient Gulf of Siam.

Compassion, appreciation and respect are our guides in creating the Knai Bang Chatt atmosphere. We want to offer you an experience you will never forget.



Known at the turn of the century as ‘Kep Sur Mer’ – an exclusive seaside getaway for the colonial French elite – in the 1950s, during the Golden Age of Cambodia, Kep was a popular holiday and residential destination for wealthy Khmers.

The Knai Bang Chatt structures are the creations of the movement led by iconic Cambodian architect Van Molyvan, a protege of the famous Le Corbusier (French architect). Our iconic Blue Villa once belonged to the governor of Kep; the entrance and reception building was owned by a relative of the King; and the red summer house was owned by the Head of Customs. Francoise Lavielle, a French architect living in Phnom Penh, has taken the lead in restoring the villas to their original architectural grandeur.


Subtle Symbolism

In Khmer, Knai Bang Chatt means a rainbow encircling the sun. In Buddhism, this rainbow is the halo around Buddha’s head. Keeping this symbolism in mind, Knai Bang Chatt was developed as an exclusive retreat to protect and shelter its visitors and offer them a home away from home.

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Attention to Authenticity

With a connection to our region, our unique barefoot luxury concept encapsulates the history and culture of Kep. Elegant lines, natural materials, and subtle earthy hues combine perfectly to create a sense of continuity with the surrounding gardens, swaying palm trees, and open views of the sea. Our spacious rooms have all been tastefully furnished with local antiques and artefacts that reflect modern Khmer design and architecture.

The Artof Travelling

Published on September 18, 2018

As with the art world, where it should not be the name of the gallery but the artwork of the artist that needs to inspire, in the travel world it should not be the brand name but the experience which should inspire, and give deeper meaning to your private time.

When “essence” disappears, the art of travelling has no purpose and no added value can be created, but when the experience becomes meaningful and real, the art of travelling can become priceless.

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CuratedWith Intention

A driving force behind the clean lines and minimalist style of Knai Bang Chatt is adopted from the ancient Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, which places importance on simplicity & understated elegance.

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An Invitation To Reflect

Knai Bang Chatt was developed as an exclusive retreat to protect and shelter its visitors and offer them a home away from home, with a signature blend of privacy and personalized service. A driving force behind Knai Bang Chatt is to provide you with private time on your own. We have taken care to create spaces specially made for reflection and rejuvenation.


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