spiritual healing retreat

Published on April 16, 2018

In this hectic, fast paced world it is easy to forget to take time out for yourself.We look after our physical body with proper nutrition and exercise, our mental body with education and learning but when was the last time you connected with your spirit; your essence?

If you have become stuck, lack energy and focus, are tired and rundown or just want some ‘me’ time, then this is the perfect little get-away for you. Discover your own sanctuary within on this blissful, four night/three day healing retreat.

This gorgeous retreat will help you rediscover your inner essence, your essential self. It will offer you time out to reconnect with your true nature and inner wisdom.

Intuitive Healer and founder of TempleSoul, Rachael Cox, first visited Knai Bang Chatt in 2013 and has visited every year since. On her last visit she thought it would be the perfect spot for a beautiful healing retreat. Nestled amongst tropical gardens, swaying palm trees, and open views to the Gulf of Thailand, Knai Bang Chatt is the perfect setting for healing and introspection.

Knai Bang Chatt is the perfect place to be able to fully immerse yourself in yourself. To heal, to grow, to expand. This retreat will help you achieve healing, balance, rejuvenation and a renewed sense of calm.

Learn a new way of looking at life.

This three day spiritual healing retreat will be divided into a 7-step program of self-discovery, based on Rachael’s first book.

Rachel Cox


Rachael is a certified energy healer and has trained through the Ashati International Institute of Energy Healing. She has just completed her Masters and is attuned to the energies of Ashati, Alsemia, Reiki, and Kundalini. Over the years she has healed many, restoring balance, energy and clarity to their lives. As she is an Intuitive Healer she receives guidance from your higher self and guides and part of the healing session is talking through this guidance.

Rachael opened a sacred space in Singapore in 2016 called TempleSoul. She is now working in Sydney.

Rachael adores Cambodia and has been visiting since 2010. It is very close to her heart and to be holding her very first retreat here is very special for her indeed.

For more information or to receive a copy of the retreat brochure please contact John Black at gm@knaibangchatt.com