The Art of Travelling by Jef Moons

Published on April 29, 2018

The ART of Traveling

Tourism is like buying a painting for your enjoyment

Travelling is like buying a piece of art as an investment

A travel experience is like buying a piece of art and the question always fascinates is: Is it REAL or is it FAKE.

Tourism products are mostly a collection of standardized products, well presented in a teasing package. They are branded as being real and unique, but reality tells us that most of them are replicas of what already exists. In art terms we can call these pieces ‘fake’, in the travel world we sometimes refer to them as ‘tourist traps’.

To discover the difference between tourism and travel, the preparation to your journey is vital. Besides choosing the destination, a deeper investigation of what you are looking for is needed.

As with art, where it should not be the name of the gallery but the artwork of the artist that needs to inspire. In the travel world it should not be the brand name but the experience, which should inspire, and give deeper meaning to your private time.

When “essence” disappears, the art of travelling has no purpose and no added value can be created, but when the experience becomes meaningful and real, the art of travelling can become priceless.

In our lives we often have to judge things without knowing if they are true or false, if they can be trusted, and if they will offer the values of what we are looking for.

Assuming that in many cases it is not possible to be 100% certain that an art work or in this case a private travel experience is authentic and real, we have to consider the following guidelines.

  • Check if your choice of location is a tourist or a travel destination
  • See that the authenticity of the “signature” you are looking for is traceable and inspiring
  • Search for the true values behind a property, study the canvas of the products and experiences that are offered
  • Look for independent professional reviews that offers more insight
  • Just as you would like to meet the artist when buying art, make your next trip a personal experience and contact the property

An art dealer that sells private time is called a “travel expert” but to survive in a very competitive market many only want to play safe. They also need to become top producers for international brands to financially survive … and if so, they once again are offering commercial value only. By doing this they will never become the artist that can spark the traveller and to let traveling become a true investment for personal growth.

To receive a true enhanced reality when traveling, start eliminating what does not offer essence and purity. Keep it discreet and personal and let people engage and discover that the human and local connection is the premium they will receive.

I am not the “auction expert” in travel products, but at Knai Bang Chatt we do go beyond the normal and offer a collection of new travel architecture.

Once again:

Remember that travelling needs to be like investing in a piece of art.

– When its not real it is worthless

– When it is real, it might become priceless

Also, a real connoisseur in the travel industry will earn a much better  living in the trade of experiences as in trying to sell rooms at its auction house.

Travelling with Knai Bang Chatt:

At Knai Bang Chatt we have identified that to remain relevant we needed to be more imaginative as individuals and as a company, to look beyond the ordinary and beyond expectations.

At Knai Bang Chatt we encourage our travellers to refocus on profound elements of lifestyle, not to try to change you as a person, but to give you the space to disconnect and reconnect. An environment that promotes wellness and personal growth, a place to just be.

We are surrounded by the natural elements of the sea and mountains, immersed deep in a rich local culture. We are a coastal cultural connection the Cambodia of today. We excite the senses of both our staff and our travellers by raising awareness through creating curiosity, agility and empathy.

Let us be the artist and we will let you become the piece of art that will inspire

Knai Bang Chatt – The Sailing Club, our Discovery Centre, our human values, our philosophy and our “why” we do the things, are just the perfect pallet of colors to offer inspirational journeys with lasting memories to take home.

At Knai Bang Chatt we curate your private time.

Knai Bang Chatt – Capitalizing on People, Society and Nature

Our unique business model expands “capital” to include long-term investments in people, society and the environment, which creates a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers.

Call us Gist

To create the “Art of travelling”, let people travel with purpose and give them reason. Empower them with new matter and new essence so they can grow.

Why not call us the “Gist” of travel. A gist is not a summary of the essentials, but it can lead to a whole new story and give you more reason. The aim is that we offer multiple connections and offer the necessary support for you to hopefully discover “the best version of yourself”.

Our recent achievements

  • 2016 Gold level sustainable certification through internationally recognized label Green Growth 2050
  • 2017 Established the “Discovery Center”
  • 2017 Established the first “Kep – Sailing Club” of Cambodia
  • 2018 Organic Gardens (Farm to table concept)

Strong CSR engagements

  • Continuous support “Hand in Hand” project A 6 year community based organization where we already made major change in the lives of 550 families.
  • Continuous support to “Our School” with 494 students
  • Continuous support for higher education
  • 2017 Built new staff houses for 80 people

Our next challenge

  • Preserve marine life in Kep while making positive impact on local community.