Today is world environment day

Published on June 5, 2017

Today is world environment day.

Knai Bang Chatt is located on the south coast of Cambodia in a culturally rich fishing town called Kep. Famous for its crabs and fresh seafood Kep’s waters

are becoming increasingly vulnerable and are at risk due to over fishing and heavy polluting of Cambodia’s rivers and waterways.

Our commitment to the environment stands strong and today we are not only reflecting on what we have achieved but we can achieve in the short, medium and long term. Being Cambodia’s first internationally recognised sustainable hotel we are looking at new initiatives to support and protect our environment.

Some of our achievements to dates have been drastically reducing the amount of plastic bottles used, we have done this by replacing complimentary in room water from plastic to refillable glass bottles. We have installed eco-lab products in all our kitchens, laundry and housekeeping, we have installed solar panels in two locations, we up cycle wine bottles to drinking glasses and most importantly we continue to provide training to all our staff on the importance of sustainability and the positive impact we can have on the environment.

Our next major project is to build a fully operational hydroponics garden where we hope to not only produce enough seasonal salads and vegetables for our restaurants but to also be a supplier to other restaurants and hotels in Kep. We look forward to sharing updates with you as the project takes shape